Size Gains From Jelqing Proof

Size Gains From Jelqing Proof

There are claims all over the Internet that a procedure called Jelqing will increase the length and girth of the male sexual organ. The Jelqing procedure should be applied 6 days a week, with the 7th day as a day of rest for the organ. Here is the basic procedure for Jelqing:

  • using the thumb and pointer finger you would encircle the organ at the base
  • while applying pressure you move from the base toward the glans at the tip
  • when you reach the tip you release your grip
  • with the other hand begin the same pressure at the base and move towards the glans in the tip
  • you repeat one hand and then the other for up to 5 times

The second method is to form the OK shape with thumb and pointer finger and grip just behind the glans at the tip and apply pressure while pulling outward and holding for a 10 count.

The general idea is that by forcing more blood up from the base of the male organ to the tip and by pulling the tip outward, small tears form in the lining of the organ which will heals overnight. The repeating of these Jelqing procedures is believed to cause a growth in the inner lining of the male genitalia as well as the skin on the outside. Over time it is claimed to increase the length and girth of the male organ by 1 to 4 inches.

Male organ enhancement procedures grew in popularity from the early 1980’s through early in 2000. A variety of devices and pills were advertised making all sorts of claims. In 2010 Jelqing techniques began to dominate the male enhancement industry. A number of devices have been advertised to aid in Jelqing. Some claimed great success but the proof just wasn’t there to sustain the claims and most of the devices were soon abandoned.

Natural Jelqing to increase length is still advertised to a great extent on the Internet as well is some magazines targeted to male readers. To date, there have been a few claims by the medical profession that has confirmed Jelqing as a potential way to receive gains. But no wide spread endorsements by the overall medical field.

Many men are greatly concerned about having too small or short an organ and are willing to try just about anything to improve their situation. Millions of dollars have been spent on creams, pills and of course learning the Jelqing techniques.

Don’t jump at the first pill or pump that promises huge gains. It’s been proven that there is potential long term damage that can happen from pills that have harmful chemicals and pumps that create organ stress.

Although the history of jelqing dates back to Arabs, there are unconfirmed reports of jelqing dating back to the west African tribe in Mali called “Mandingo’s”.

Who doesn’t want a bigger male member? Even the biggest of black men probably want a larger tool. Let’s face it, we know the fact is women prefer a larger sized man. She may be willing to be with a guy or sleep with him more than once if there’s other things she’s attracted to like his money etc. But there has been a study by a Harvard researher that did a survey on a few hundred women and the majority of them said they would take a man with a large size and keep him even if he doesn’t have the greatest personality or the most money.

Her emotional satisfication trumps her financial needs from him because in today’s modern society a large number of women are self sufficient financially. Therefore, they want a man who can tear her up in the bedroom because with her career she’s probably the boss tearing everybody else apart 9 to 5.

Size Gains From Jelqing Proof

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