Curing BV – How to Beat Bacterial Vaginosis Easily

Curing BV – How to Beat Bacterial Vaginosis Easily

Curing BV is not a difficult thing to do if you are prepared to put in your personal efforts. It is a very sensitive infection of the vagina which must be attended to promptly. Many women take the help of home cures to get rid of BV. This option of treating BV is fine provided the infection disappears within a couple of weeks of making use of home cures.

In case the problem persists for over 15 days despite the use of home cures it is necessary to immediately consult a doctor. Reproductive health is something which you must always pay attention to.

Here in this article I am going to share simple tips on how to cure BV and precautions which you can take to stay away from it. Although not an STD, BV is not something that you can leave unattended in the hope that it will clear up on its own. Going by statistics almost one in every three women contacts BV at some point of time during her fertile years. It is best if you make efforts to stay away from it by taking certain precautions like

a) Sex

BV can affect sexually active women as well as virgins. However it is more common in women who have an active sex life. Having multiple partners is another factor which increases the chance of suffering from BV. If your partner has had unprotected sex with another women who already has bacterial vaginosis, chances are that you too will get it unless you make use of condoms while having intercourse. In fact to stay away from most vaginal infections it is essential to practice safe sex and stick to one sexual partner as far as possible.

b) Hygiene

Pay attention to your vagina hygiene habits. Wash the vagina thoroughly with water twice a day and wear loose fit clothes. During summers wear clothes which will not restrict air circulation in the groin area. Change your undergarments everyday and wash thoroughly before use.

What do you do in case you get BV despite taking all precautions?

a) visit a doctor immediately to get the condition diagnosed properly. Symptoms of BV are similar to other vaginal infections. Hence for curing BV diagnosis is very important

b) once your condition is diagnosed as BV your doctor may prescribe medicines for curing BV. Along with medicines watch what you eat. Stay away from sweets which tend to feed the bacteria responsible for the infection. Drink plenty of water and practice safe sex always.

Curing BV – How to Beat Bacterial Vaginosis Easily

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