Cosmetic dentistry has made enormous advances recently, so that we can whiten our teeth, have them straightened nicely or reshaped, and replace the old dark fillings with pleasing white ones. But aside from our teeth, dentists have not worked directly on the effects of age in our face. Now there’s a way your dentist can reduce the sagging and wrinkles around the mouth in a completely painless way!

Angellift® is a dental device which is FDA approved, custom-fitted, and removable. It reduces facial wrinkles, and aging lines around the lips, chin and cheeks. It will not affect your speech or your bite. It provides long-lasting effects like a facelift but without any surgery, swelling or bruising. There are no shots needed as it’s painless, and there’s no recovery time with this form of cosmetic dentistry.

Retraining the Facial Muscles

An Angellift® device provides daily support for the muscles around the mouth and cheeks, and restrains them from some of their habitual movements. This in effect retrains those muscles. Muscle memory is part of the reason we acquire wrinkles, and Botox® shots use this same approach. Botox® temporarily paralyses the muscle, smoothing out the frown lines or forehead wrinkles. But it can’t be used for the area around the mouth. We would not want our lower face muscles paralyzed, since they enable us to talk, smile, laugh and eat.

Helpful for Bell’s Palsy

An Angellift® device is helpful in cases of Bell’s palsy, which is a paralysis or weakening of muscles that control one side of the face. There are major nerves running from the spine on each side to the face, and if one of them is damaged, the muscles on that side lose some or all of their ability to move. Bell’s palsy can happen to a person of any age, causing one side of the face to droop. It can also clear up by itself or with the help of medication after a few weeks or months. By wearing an Angellift® device, you can support the muscles in their paralysis, restoring your face to its normal look, and helping those muscles remember their normal positions.

Angellift® devices are manufactured by Glidewell Laboratories, which is a full-service dental laboratory in California. They are made of an FDA-approved nylon-based resin which comfortably supports the skin around the mouth, and they come with a six-month replacement warranty.

An Angellift® can be a great preserver of youthful smiles and also a substitute for a facelift. You can remove it at any time, or place it back in for times when you want to look your best. You’ll look younger, feel younger, and won’t need to worry about expensive surgery or its uncomfortable recovery period.


Source | Author by Tara Pingle

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